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Focus Photoeditor incl Keygen

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Focus Photoeditor incl Keygen

Focus Photoeditor incl Keygen | 37.6 MB

The possibilities are endless, and with the help of selections and masking tools, the history tool, the erase layer tool, you will be able to transform your photos into original art-works.

We have added specific features to help you achieve better results with less effort. We added three more automatic Color and Exposure Corrections, using state of the art photo optimization algorithms such as RETINEX and ACE.

Now you can use the Lens Correction transformation to correct the lens distortion in your photo shots and the Chromatic Aberration removing function.
Also now Focus Photoeditor has an improved compatibility with newer photoshop plugins.

Improved Speed
Improved Photoshop Plugins compatibility
Improved Object Stamp, added option to change rotation and opacity of objects
Chromatic Aberration Reduction
Lens Distortion Correction
Now it’s possible to choose Filters and Corrections Dialog Preview Size from the program options.
Improved Auto Adaptive Exposure
Improved Clarify
Improved Sepia Studio Filter
Added Contrast Mask Filter
Added Effects: ZoomBlur, MotionBlur, Radial Blur
Added Artistic Filters: Close, Open, Erode, Dilate, Oil Paint (5 types), Trace, Pencil Sketch, Cartoonize, Watercolor, Crayon
Improved many existing filters
Now Filters give expected results with higher resolution images
Added Edges Filters: 4 types
Added Threshold and Half-Tone Filters

homepage: http://www.focusphotoeditor.com/

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